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What’s next?…  What Is the Goal For Your Blog?

Do You Want To Share Your Blog With The World

  • To have fun, express yourself and have a creative outlet
  • To make a difference
  • To help other people
  • To promote yourself or your business
  • To establish yourself as an expert
  • To make money online


Do You Want Your Blog

  • To sit in the blogosphere vacuum and not be seen by anyone

Blogging is an amazing vehicle which allows one to interact with the online world. It is used by many people but, sadly, most people never make it to the front lines.  Their blogs just sit there, in the cyberspace. Apart from, perhaps family or a few friends, no one knows that their blogs exists.

To ensure that your blog is visible to the world you need to learn a “few tricks of the trade”.

  • How to design your blog to gain visibility and traffic
  • How to bring traffic to your blog
  • How to entice your blog’s visitors to come back and visit your blog some more
  • How to interact with your visitors
  • How to monetize your blog ( if you are interested in making money with your blog as well )

Most Bloggers Fail To Become Visible Online Because They Neglect To Learn The Basic Steps Of Successful Blogging

Don’t Be One Of Them!

For your blog to do well online, I would like to recommend 3 affordable courses that meant  a world of difference to me ( yes, I am a “graduate” of all three courses I am recommending below ). These courses paved the way to my online success.


1. Quick Start Challenge by Dean Holland

  • Dean Holland is a successful internet marketer and a coach
  • Through 4 weekly challenges Dean shows you a way to navigate from the ground to the heights of internet lifestyle
  • Each challenge is goal oriented, requiring you to take  action
    • Creating blog content
    • Driving traffic to your blog,
    • Setting up analytics to monitor your blog’s success,
    • List building and email marketing,
    • Video creation and video marketing
    • And much, much more…
  • Lifetime access to a membership site full of “how to” videos, forum, and much more…
  • Lifetime access to Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge Facebook group where you can interact with Dean, his staff and everyone else who has taken or is taking the course. Yes, you will meet me there. There you will be able to ask questions and get answers every time. Being a part of this group was a turning point for my business.


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2. Blogging With John Chow by John Chow

  • John Chow is a famous blogger who makes $40,000.00 per month from his blog alone
  • John will show you how to turn your dreams into tangible goals
    • how to set your goals
    • how to act on those goals
    • how to work towards a rewarding future
    • how to create a website that embodies your passions and displays to the world what you want most out of your business
  • Nine nitty – gritty “How To” blogging modules that, among others, include training on
    • themes and plugins
    • niche selection
    • keyword research
    • habits of a successful blogger
    • branding
    • content creation
    • lead generation
    • social media
    • and much, much more…


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3. Simple Traffic Solutions by John Thornhill

  • John Thornhill is a traffic billionaire. His blogs were visited by over 2 billion visitors. That is not a small feat. Without traffic your blog is dead.
  • The course was build on the premise “You’ve Built It – But They Will Not Come”, a common problem for a majority of bloggers
  • In the member’s area John shares his knowledge and his ways of getting free traffic to his blogs
  • Included are 3 phases of 19 short but concise videos of different methods to acquire free traffic. The three phases are
    • theory training
    • practical training
    • advanced training


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After reading the descriptions you may feel that there is an overlap in these courses. It would appear so, but each training is very unique and reflects the experiences of individual coaches. Every course follows the perspective of the coach and rather than overlap each other, the courses complement each other.

As I said at the beginning, the courses are very affordable, from $4.95 to $47.95. This small investment at the beginning of your blogging journey will save you a lot of money and frustration in the long run.

If you find that your budget does not allow you to purchase all three courses, I listed them in the order of my own preference. The reason I placed Quick Start Challenge at the top is because of the availability of Dean and his staff, not to mention the students who participated in his course, on Facebook. The ability to communicate with other students or staff, in my opinion, is priceless.

I look forward to installing, setting up your blog and helping you.


Best wishes,

Dita - eBizDame




Dita Irvine


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