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Will You Succeed In Building Residual Income Online Or Will You Fail

When you choose to join the Web to build residual income online only two things can happen. You can succeed or you can fail. As most internet marketers would tell you the latter is more prevalent. Believe it or not, your online success or failure depends strictly on you and on your habitual and/or inherent traits.

Three years ago Dean Holland, a mentor of mine, participated in a course that led him to succeed. At the same time another individual took the identical course with Dean. Through learning and applying the methods Dean learned, he became an amazing internet marketing success. The other individual, given exactly the same opportunities, failed and now has joined my mentor’s coaching class with a hope to learn anew how to become successful and make money online. If the unsuccessful individual, in this example, has not overtime changed his habits or overcame some of his undesirable traits, chances are that he will fail again.

This is a common occurrence online, and it does happen in life in general. Our traits and habits seem to determine out destiny. Some of us will succeed, some of us will fail. Some will make money online, some will lose a lot.

There are a number of traits/habits that will determine your success or failure to make residual income online. Just to mention a few examples, they are:

  • ability to focus
  • ability to plan, get organized and execute your plans
  • ability to follow and act on instruction
  • perfectionism
  • procrastination
  • …and so on

Just about the time I signed up for the Quick Start Challenge by Dean Holland, I received an email from another great internet marketer, Chris Munch. Like my mentor Dean Holland, Chris is young, very successful and a go getter. He sent me and others a questionnaire titled “The Entrepreneur Personality Test”. He asked us to fill it out and submit it to him. I can’t exactly remember the reason why he wanted to do that, but the reason, in the context of this post is not relevant.

I opened up Chris’s questionnaire. He separated the questionnaire into two sections: the winner and the failure. Each section had a set number of questions related to personal traits or habits followed by a tick-off box. I downloaded the questionnaire and began to tick the boxes off. By the end of the exercise I was dumbfounded. The picture was pretty clear. I was definitely a failure candidate and there and then I knew why my dream of building residual income online has not been materializing.

As you know from my About me page I have not been very successful online until 2012. My dream of building residual income online has only remained a dream for quite some time. (I can happily report that my dream is a reality now, but that is a topic for another story).

I was too embarrassed to send Chris the response. I placed the copy by my computer and I read it everyday before I even turn the computer on. I am slowly changing my habits and I am slowly leaning towards the winning side.

As a result of the changes to my habits and the training I received from Dean Holland, I can confidently state that I am making a very good progress on my path towards building residual income. The questionnaire helped me see what I need to do to succeed and the Dean’s training provided me with the clear steps I needed to take.

I believe that the questionnaire that Chris sent me  would help other internet marketers as well. For that reason I have decided to share the questionnaire with everyone. It is for you to keep, you do not have to send the answers to anyone. Use the questionnaire as a guide to help you improve your business. To receive it instantly just click on Will Your Online Business Thrive Or Fail.

After you complete the questionnaire please share your thoughts in the comment section and tell us whether your habits are helping or hampering your quest to build residual income online. Please feel free to visit eBizDame’s Facebook page, give it a “thumbs up” and/or leave a comment.



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2 Responses to Will You Succeed In Building Residual Income Online Or Will You Fail

  1. Chetz Togom July 27, 2012 at 8:43 pm #

    Hi Dita!

    It’s true that our habits really determined our success. It’s the activities we do everyday.

    I’m also Chris Munch follower. I bought one of his courses, about using Pinterest and since then he has given out so much valuable information.

    Thanks for sharing the questionaire. I’ll check it out.


    • admin July 27, 2012 at 9:10 pm #

      Hi Chetz,

      Yes Chris is really great. Just like Dean he is a new generation internet marketer and these guys have completely different scruples and standards than the old guard gurus. It is very refreshing to see.

      You will be receiving the questionnaire in the 2nd issue of the newsletter, within about 4 days. If you want it sooner contact me through contact here on the website and I will email it to you.


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