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Succeed In Building Residual Income Online

Steps To Build Residual Income Online

Ebizdame website is based on my internet marketing path to building residual income online. Over time, I have learned an amazing amount of information and overcame a lot of obstacles. My road to success was truly convoluted. Based on this experience and gained knowledge, Ebizdame’s mission is to help the reader follow a straight, obstacle free internet marketing path to success. As well, the mission is to reveal to you the right steps that are required to generate residual income online and reap the benefits 24/7, essentially on autopilot.

There are a number of steps one needs to take in order to achieve that goal. Obviously, these steps need to be logical and somewhat sequential. In order to be able to follow my suggestions, the reader must be able to follow my reasoning and be able to navigate smoothly throughout the instructions and the website.

Here is the dilemma. The path to internet marketing success is hardly ever a straight line. For most, it becomes a convoluted string of obstacles such as:

  1. Lack of information…
  2. Misinformation…
  3. Too much information…
  4. Too many distractions…

On my journey to earn residual income I have encountered the same road blocks many times. They often stopped me in my tracks and veered me of course. Many times during the course of time my dream goal has turned into a nightmare. So much so, that on several occasions I was ready to give up. But, I survived and succeeded!

For a newbie, or even a more experienced internet marketer, I wondered how could I steer them in the right direction, help them avoid the pitfalls and ensure that their journey is a joyful ride.

Formula For Building Residual Income Online

The formula for success appears quite simple and straight forward. As shown in the diagram below all that one needs is:

Online presence ► Traffic ► Leads ► Sales ► Residual Income Online

Steps To Build residual Income Online

However, if the path to success was as straightforward and simplistic as depicted above, we would all be millionaires.

Online presence, traffic generation, lead generation and successful sales are cornerstones of an online business. How solid and successful the business becomes depends entirely on the foundation upon which these cornerstones are build.

To help one build a solid foundation I have decided to create a mind map for each cornerstone that will show the right steps to take to become successful online.


Mind Map For Creating An Online Presence

Online Presence To Build Residual Income

The buttons “Website”, “Social Media” and “Video” you will find on the navigation bar at the top of the website. As you will hover over the title of the navigation tab, a drop-down menu will show all the steps (with related information) you’ll need to follow in order to successfully reach your goal of making residual income online.


Mind Map For Traffic Generation

To make money online you must have targeted traffic to your website/blog, Facebook, Twitter and videos. If you do not achieve that, you will simply not succeed. Below is a mind map I have and continue to use for my successes.

Traffic For Generating Residual Income Online

Just click on the “Traffic” tab on the navigation bar and access the information in the drop-down menu.

Lead Generation Mind Map

Recently, a member of the Warrior Forum was wondering why he is not making any sales despite the fact that his website was getting 4000 visitors per month. It turned out that he neglected to capture the leads from the traffic to his website… he did not have an email opt-in page…No wonder he did not make any sales!

In order to be successful, it is essential that you build an email list. The Lead Generation section will address how to create an opt-in page to capture leads successfully and how to turn your email list into a residual income machine.

Lead Generation And List Building In Order To Generate Residual Income OnlineClick on the “Lead Generation” tab to access the drop-down navigation menu to access the information related to this topic.


Sales Mind Map

The last of the cornerstone is sales. No sales equals to no residual income online. There are many factors that influence whether a sale is made or not. Over time, the sale tactics have changed and contrary to what many internet marketers still believe  hard-sell is the thing of the past. Consumers no longer can be fooled. One needs to build a trusting relationship with the consumer and over deliver. In this section the reader will learn how to sell successfully.

Sales to build residual income onlineVisit this section of eBizDame website by clicking on the Sales tab. Review the articles and learn how you too may improve your sales.


How To...Tab

In addition to the main topics, miscellaneous helpful topics will be published regularly. As my business was developing, I came across many topics or situations that I did not know anything about. They may have been simple but they stomped me and I spent hours researching for the answers. I will try to save you time by including a “how to…” section. You may learn about issues, like:  how to change image background color easily, or how to find out if links are dofollow and so on. Just click on the How To… tab on the navigation bar and there you will find a drop-down list of categorized helpful hints.



As I went along I spend a long time selecting tools that worked for me. It takes a lot of effort to understand and choose the best tool that is worth using in this business. To save you a few headaches I put together a resource list of tools that I find useful and that I currently use on my website. This, I will share with you via the Resources tab on the navigation bar.


Products To Help Build Residual Income Online

Last but not least is the Product tab. There, I will provide the reader with the reviews of products (my own or belonging to other internet marketers) that I tested and liked. They may be ebooks I found helpful, software that I downloaded to my computer, plugins that are worthwhile having and training courses that I found invaluable.

As the website evolves and with passing time, new information will be added to each of the tab. Make sure you check for new information regularly. I really believe that if you will adhere to eBizDame’s mind set plan your chances of generating residual income online will improve. All you have to remember, that it takes an effort, persistence and perseverance.

If you liked what you have read please make sure to leave a comment. I welcome any suggestions you might have.

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