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Collaborating in image resizing

How To Modify Image Caption Text In WordPress

In the comment section of a recently published post someone asked me how to modify image caption text. He wanted to reduce it. I must confess, I am not an HTML or CSS expert, so I resorted to my basic knowledge of HTML and suggested a solution based on that knowledge. Not having tested it […]

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Optimizing images with captions

Optimizing Images – A Common Mistake Most Bloggers Make

  One element of a website SEO is image optimization. These days images are a common standard for blogs and other online platforms. To make sure that optimizing images on my blog was up to par I did additional research and to my dismay, I discovered that I made the same mistake as most bloggers […]

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Residual Income, Passive And Recurring Income – Is there A Difference

Many wannabe online entrepreneurs strive to build income that will perpetuate itself on essentially an autopilot without any work. Although this desire may seem more like an unrealistic dream or only a wishful thinking, the truth is that to some extent and with some modification that dream can be achieved. What is not realistic is […]

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7 Sure Ways To Earn Passive Or Residual Income Online

Since the expanse of internet and its availability to most people all over the world the desire to make money online has become a driving passion for millions of people worldwide. To achieve the “internet lifestyle” one needs to strive to develop several streams of residual income that will make you money 24/7 on a […]

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HTML Sitemap On Your Website: Benefits Of Having One

A sitemap (site map) in simple terms is a map of your website. By definition, it is a navigational tool that lists webpages of a website and provides an overview of a site’s content at a glance. There are two popular version of a sitemap, an HTML sitemap and an XML sitemap. In this article […]

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How To Convert Your Traffic To Buying Customers

“Traffic to your website means money in your pocket” is the most common mantra of any internet marketing course. What they are saying is that if you have no traffic, you will have no readers, no sales and no online income. But is that really all that you need? Traffic? Will this traffic magically convert […]

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How To Create Free Buttons And Logos

Searching online I discovered a gem of a tool. I was searching the term ” how to create free buttons “. I was really getting tired of purchasing ready made, unchangeable buttons for my website. I do not have Photoshop, I am not a graphic artist and I was hoping for some miracle. During my […]

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Succeed In Building Residual Income Online

Steps To Build Residual Income Online

Ebizdame website is based on my internet marketing path to building residual income online. Over time, I have learned an amazing amount of information and overcame a lot of obstacles. My road to success was truly convoluted. Based on this experience and gained knowledge, Ebizdame’s mission is to help the reader follow a straight, obstacle […]

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How To Find Out If Links Are Dofollow Or Nofollow – Comment Or Forum Links

  Although WordPress blog comment links by default are nofollow you can find blogs where comment links are dofollow. Likewise, some forum signature links are dofollow some are not. It is still believed that dofollow links hold value with respect to search engines and rankings. For this reason many bloggers strive to find dofollow blogs […]

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How To Change Image Background Color

  Unless you are a graphic designer, chances are that you don’t know how to change image background color to match your desired color of your website header,  a Facebook timeline and even a banner you are trying to create. Chances are that you will purchase an image with a white background and leave both, […]

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A New Way To Make Residual Income Online

Recently, a marketer submitted a post to our Facebook group. It is a relatively new group and we are only in the early stages of forming relationships there. The post of the marketer was promotional and self serving, but most importantly the time was not right yet for such a post, as most of us […]

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