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How To Start Making Money Online By Blogging – Create Your Blog – Part 1 of 3


Start Making Money Online By Blogging – Part I

You can start making money online by blogging. Blog is the short term for weblog/webjournal.  Blogging came to life in 1990’s  as a sort of a personal journal. Over the time it has evolved and today blogging dominates internet marketing. Blogs have become a simple way for even a non-technical person to create a website. Most websites that you see today on the internet are blogs. The site you are on right now is a blog. This website uses a WordPress platform.  Most of us use special themes that are very simple to manipulate. Online you will find thousands of free or reasonably priced themes. To set up a blog is not complicated. If you don’t know how to set one up, I recommend that you watch a  Free 90 minute video tutorial to remove the mystery from setting up and running a WordPress blog.

Once you understand how to set up the blog, you will be able to develop it such that it will become a money making website. Whether you are an affiliate and you promote other people’s product or you are a business owner that owns his products, a well set up blog will increase your online presence and sales and you will make money. Once you set up your blog your business will run 24/7, in other words day and night, your products will be exposed all over the world and you will start making money online. That is what you want.

Consider the following tips to make the blog interesting and enticing for your customers

Consider and target your audience: Your blog needs to appeal to your targeted audience. Write for your customers. Forget about your ego! Use simple terminology that even a lay person will understand. Be clear and concise. Try to use proper language. You have to understand that not all of your readers are going to be native, English speaking people. For that reason I strongly recommend that you do not use slang terminology.

If possible include pictures or videos: Your readers will be more interested and enticed to stay on your site when you include pictures or videos. Make sure that they are relevant to the topic you are describing. You can find a lot of free videos on youtube to include on your blog. Make sure that you comply with the copyright regulations. If you follow the rules you can use most of the material you need from online sources.

Make sure your blogs are informative and not technical: Unless you are targeting audience that is technically savvy make sure that your blogs are easily understood by people who do not have technical knowledge. By being overly technical in your writing, you will discourage the majority of people who are not technical. They will leave your blog very disappointed and you may lose those readers forever. Make sure you do not use acronyms. If you do use acronyms, never assume that others know what you mean even if the acronym is commonly used online. For example, if you talk about Search Engine Optimization don’t just write SEO. Remember that many Newbies do not know what SEO stands for. You will definitely lose them.

Make sure that your blogs are not complicated and complex: The more complicated or complex your blog is, the faster the reader will leave your blog. Do not use overly sophisticated or technical language. People do not have time to decipher your writing. Remember, people want interesting and useful information and they want it fast. They do not have time to read your statements 10 times trying to understand what on earth you are talking about.

Make your blog interactive: By having a comment box available your readers will feel that there is a person behind the blog. Make sure that if you receive a comment that requires an answer you come back and answer it. Always treat your readers as you want to be treated. Remember how frustrating it was for you when you posed a question and it was never answered.

In summary, respect your reader or customer. To respect your reader means to provide updated content that is of value to your reader. Bear in mind that it is always about the reader/consumer and not you. The reader is spending his/her valuable time on your website and you have to honor them by providing quality content and information. A customer that likes your site often will click on items on your site because they will trust you. This is how you will start making money online. Click here to learn how to build a multi-million dollar blogging empire.


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