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How To Start Making Money Online By Blogging – Promote Your Blog – Part 2 of 3


Start Making Money Online By Blogging – Promote Your Blog

Now that you learned how to create an appealing blog  for your potential customers you need to learn how to promote it and eventually monetize it in order to start making money online. After all, making money 24/7 was the sole purpose of creating your presence online.

Why do you need to promote your blog?

Your ability to making money online will be directly proportional to the traffic to your site. Your site may be the most beautiful one online but if nobody knows about it, well, it’s just another site lost among the millions. In other words, if no one knows about your blog no one will find it. Thus, no traffic no money. On the other hand, a lot of traffic equals a potential for an excellent income.

How to promote your blog.

  • Article marketing: My personal favorite is promoting my site for free through writing articles about the topics related to the content of my site and submitting my articles to various article directories. Most people get quite nervous when told to write articles. What you need to remember is that you do not have to be a novelist to write an article about the topic of your blog. When you develop a blog you are excited about your topic and no doubt you talk to your friends about it. When you start writing pretend you are telling a friend what your blog is all about. It is that simple. You always have to link your blog to the article and tell the readers that there is more to find about the topic in your blog. The reader  who will want to find out more will click on your blog. To learn more about article marketing of your blog please read the post Use Article Dominance To Grow Your Online Residual Income.  There you will learn how to write powerful articles that  will ensure that your blog will become the top searched site in the field of your expertise and if that will happen you will certainly see the outcome – you will start making money online.


  • Comment on other people’s blogs: You are not alone in your niche or a market. Other people have blogs related to your topic. When you come across such blogs and you find them interesting, make a comment. Make sure you are not faking it with a line like “Nice blog”. Generally, blog comments are moderated by blog owners and if you make a lame comment your blog comment will be trashed. If you link successfully to a related blog two things will happen. Other people may clock on your site and search engines will recognize that another site is linked to you and that will improve your ranking.


  • Join related forums: Forums are great. You meet like minded people and you can share ideas. Generally, you are able to attach a signature to your forum post. Once again, your site gets exposed to other members of the forum and you would have created another link to help you boost your ranking. It is important to respect the forum rules, mean what you say. People are smart and they recognize a spammer instantly. You do not want to spam.


  • Submit your blog to a blog directories: Submitting your blogs to blog directories is essential for creating visibility to your blog and to get a link to your blog to improve your ranking. There are a number of available blog directories. To find some just enter the keywords “blog directories” into a Google search and you will get many relevant sites or articles that will point you to free blog directories.


  • Update your blog regularly: To gain popularity, your content must continue to be fresh. Most markets are continuously evolving. For a visitor to your site it will be a frustrating experience to find stale and outdated information. As well, if you update your content regularly, search engines will reward you by improving your ranking position.

These are some of the proven ways to promote your blog. I have not mentioned any of the paid methods as at the beginning of your marketing efforts, the whole idea is to start making money online and not to start spending money. If you follow the above suggestions you can be sure that in relatively short time you will begin to earn income from your blog. Click here to learn how to dominate the market.


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