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How To Start Making Money Online by Blogging – Monetize Your Blog – Part 3 of 3

Monetize Your Blog – Start Making Money Online

There are various ways to monetize your blog to help you start making money online. You have to experiment with the product/method you choose. In the end you will have to decide what you like the best and what works the best for you. In this post I will discuss two simple methods that will definitely help you earn income through your site.

Make sure that when you are selecting the monetization of your site you choose the products that are compatible with your general topic. Choose ones that complement the scheme of your site. For example, if your site is about weight loss and you want to include recipes on your site, make sure that you do not promote delectable deserts, rich in calories.

When you monetize your site be very thoughtful of your visitors’ needs. Ensure that that you are giving value to your customers, be it your own posts or the advertisements you provide on your site. This way you will make certain that your site will be informative, interesting and trustworthy. That will mean that more likely your visitors will bookmark your site and will be returning

When your site is a relatively new it is worthwhile to include several different monetization methods to help you kick-start your online residual income. By employing different monetization techniques you give your visitors more interesting choices to explore and for you more possibilities to start making money online.

By far the easiest it is to add Google Adsense on your site. Google Adsense are ads that are displayed on your site by Google. The ads are targeted and matched to your content and therefore appear to be a part of your site. Every time your visitor clicks on a Google add you get paid. Making a lot of money with Google ads is not the norm, especially if you do not have a lot of traffic to your site. Overtime, with more traffic this income can translate itself into a very good nest egg. I like this method because as I said before it is simple to set up, it works and it is maintenance free. For more information on these types of ads visit Google Adsense.


Another very simple and a lucrative method of making money online through your site is to promote products through ClickBank. Essentially, you will sell/promote products listed by numerous vendors registered with ClickBank.

Clickbank focuses on digital products and is one of the largest and most popular sites. It offers excellent affiliate commissions. Many vendors offer commissions of 50-75%.

Becoming a ClickBank affiliate is a quick and easy process. To get started all you have to do is to create a free account with ClickBank.

To register visit the ClickBank Site, click on the “sign up” tab and fill out the registration form. Once you create an account you can search through the data base, called “Marketplace” for a product that suits your niche. You can find products you’re interested in promoting by searching on particular keywords or browsing by categories and sub-categories.

The Help Section of this company is truly helpful. It is very expansive and you will find all the answers you need there. Once you decide on the product, with a simple click you will be able to create your own secure link to the product you want to promote. It is called a Hoplink. It is automatically encrypted for your protection. You can even add your own tracking code to it for easy tracking.

Now you are ready to add your hoplinks to your site. You can chose as many products as you want. You can also chose the method of promoting these products. You can review the products. you can simply create text links with your site specific keywords and paste them in your post, pages or widgets.

These two methods of monetizing your blog will definitely help you start making money online. As your traffic will improve these two ways may prove quite profitable and will surely be the right steps that will help you achieve financial independence. Click here to learn more about how to to make money online.

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