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How To Create Free Buttons And Logos

Searching online I discovered a gem of a tool. I was searching the term ” how to create free buttons “. I was really getting tired of purchasing ready made, unchangeable buttons for my website. I do not have Photoshop, I am not a graphic artist and I was hoping for some miracle.

During my search I came across a really cool website called “Cool Text” that offered free buttons and logo maker. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

The site offered 43 different samples of text logos that one could modify extensively, including color, texture, fonts, size, etc. A portion of them is depicted in the featured image at the beginning of this post.

Below is a sample of a very simple logo I created using this tool:

1. Before: default

Free Button And Logo Maker

2. During logo creation:

How to create a free logo

The red arrows point to the changes I was going to make: change logo name, change font and change color of the lettering.

3. Result:

How to create logos for freeAs I said before, there are 43 logo patterns and the possibilities are endless.

As well, this website also allows one to create buttons to one’s heart desire. I have taken one button and created buttons for a post I was writing ( Steps to build residual income online ). There you can see the numerous examples of 2 different types of buttons I created.

1. Before:

How To Create Free Buttons

2. After:

By changing the colors, text and a few other parameters, I created buttons for my post as I mentioned above. Below is the example:

Online Presence To Build Residual IncomeAgain, there are so many different styles, shapes and fonts that one would never run out of ideas. Once again, if you ever wondered how to create free buttons and logos, this website is your answer: http://cooltext.com. I have checked other free tools for this purpose but this one seems to be the best. If you liked this post please leave a comment and hit the like button, I would really appreciate that.




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