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Why Was My Squidoo Lens Locked

My Squidoo Lens Was Locked – Why?

This morning I am really frustrated. I published a Squidoo lens yesterday, shared it with my readers and Facebook friends, only to find a comment on FB this morning that my squidoo lens was locked. I was flabbergasted. I quickly checked my email to see the notification Squidoo sent me. I cringed when I saw […]

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Create Blog Content That Captivates Your Audience

How To Create Captivating Blog Content [Infographic]

Content is one of the most important components of your website’s foundation.  It is the key element that will make or break your online success. The quality of your articles will determine whether your visitors linger and interact with your website or hurriedly leave, only never to return. For that reason you need to create […]

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Collaborating in image resizing

How To Modify Image Caption Text In WordPress

In the comment section of a recently published post someone asked me how to modify image caption text. He wanted to reduce it. I must confess, I am not an HTML or CSS expert, so I resorted to my basic knowledge of HTML and suggested a solution based on that knowledge. Not having tested it […]

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Optimizing images with captions

Optimizing Images – A Common Mistake Most Bloggers Make

  One element of a website SEO is image optimization. These days images are a common standard for blogs and other online platforms. To make sure that optimizing images on my blog was up to par I did additional research and to my dismay, I discovered that I made the same mistake as most bloggers […]

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HTML Sitemap On Your Website: Benefits Of Having One

A sitemap (site map) in simple terms is a map of your website. By definition, it is a navigational tool that lists webpages of a website and provides an overview of a site’s content at a glance. There are two popular version of a sitemap, an HTML sitemap and an XML sitemap. In this article […]

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