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Horse Blindness is Like Ad Blindness

Make Money Online With Waltzing Banners

To make money online is pretty challenging for most people. Internet marketers implement various methods to attract buyers, including banner ads, text ads, pop-ups and pop-unders, freebies and many other gimmicks to lure the visitor to spend a buck. Much of it does not work. Much of it is so over utilized  that visitors simply […]

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Protect Website From Hacking

Protecting Your Website From Hackers – Blog Security

Is your blog secured from hackers? I bet you it is not. However, if it is congratulations, you represent a minority. Why is that? Well, many bloggers are inexperienced,  and they do not appreciate the importance of securing their blogs against hackers or they simply don’t know how to protect their websites from hackers. The […]

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Video Marketing Revolution

Easy Video Suite Revolutionizes Video Marketing

Something really cool is happening in the video marketing-sphere. My email box has been bursting at its seams with emails that ask me to watch an Easy Video Suite (EVS) video that promises to revolutionize video marketing. Of course, my first impression was to run.  But, when I noticed EVS was developed by the makers […]

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Commentluv Premium Anniversary Discount

In a couple of weeks Commentluv Premium will mark its 1st year anniversary. To celebrate, the author Andy Baily, has decided to offer a huge discount on this plugin. If you have not yet implemented commentluv premium on your website it is a perfect opportunity to do so now. Commentluv Premium Discount Starting from August […]

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Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer Review

  Over time I have used a number of free and paid keyword research tools in my work. I heavily rely on these tools. I cannot imagine setting up a new website and even writing new articles without using them. I have become disillusioned with some of my favorite research tools. Fortunately, quite recently, I […]

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