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How To Create Free Buttons And Logos

Searching online I discovered a gem of a tool. I was searching the term ” how to create free buttons “. I was really getting tired of purchasing ready made, unchangeable buttons for my website. I do not have Photoshop, I am not a graphic artist and I was hoping for some miracle. During my […]

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How To Find Out If Links Are Dofollow Or Nofollow – Comment Or Forum Links

  Although WordPress blog comment links by default are nofollow you can find blogs where comment links are dofollow. Likewise, some forum signature links are dofollow some are not. It is still believed that dofollow links hold value with respect to search engines and rankings. For this reason many bloggers strive to find dofollow blogs […]

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How To Change Image Background Color

  Unless you are a graphic designer, chances are that you don’t know how to change image background color to match your desired color of your website header,  a Facebook timeline and even a banner you are trying to create. Chances are that you will purchase an image with a white background and leave both, […]

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Improve Your Edgerank, Improve Your Revenue

How To Improve Your Facebook Edgerank And Your Bottom Line Too

You are probably wondering what does it means to improve your Facebook Edgerank and how does it affect building your revenue.  Most likely you are thinking “what is Facebook Edgerank” and why should I care. Well, care you should because the Facebook Edgerank dictates how well your Facebook page is performing, who sees it and […]

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Boost Your Residual Income With Dynamic Display Widget

Most websites come with static sidebars. What that means is that every page and every post shows exactly the same information, the same adds, irrespective of the content on the post or page. To your website’s visitor this is boring and he or she becomes blind to your sidebars and your ads. As a result, […]

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