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Dita Irvine


eBizDame – Residual Income Online. Searching for an online money making opportunity that would eventually turn into residual income, I came across “The Promised Land”, an advertisement for the “top performing affiliate program”. I signed up for the program’s ebook that promoted itself as the “Science to Make Money Online”.

A complete internet marketing beginner, I devoured the ebook at once. Armed with the “scientific knowledge” I gained and primed with courage and curiosity, I was hooked. I embraced my fears and reservations…I clicked…I plunged…and voila…I instantly became and online affiliate marketer.

What a plunge! Almost computer illiterate, I immediately became overwhelmed by the Pandora’s box of information, misinformation, gimmicks and new programs. You name it, I took it all. Suddenly, exhausted and overspent, I was drowning. And, let me tell you, I was drowning fast!

Fortunately, my life has trained me to be an excellent swimmer and moreover I did not want to become another statistic or a member of the “97% of The Beginners’ Fail Club”. I refused to give up!

At the beginning of June 2012 I succumbed to yet an other offer on the Warrior Forum, despite the fact that I promised myself never to spend another penny, no matter how tempting the offer would seem to be.

I purchased the Quick Start Challenge that promised to: “help me establish myself online, arm me with everything I need to build my own email list and drive floods of traffic to my site”. As well, it promised to “turn on the tap to my very own income machine starting right now”. The timeline – mere 4 weeks (actually with the bonus sessions it turned into 6 weeks).

During the 6 weeks Dean Holland, the brains behind the Quick Start Challenge presented us with weekly live webinars and weekly challenges to, indeed, help us achieve success in internet marketing. In addition, he provided an interactive website, where the students are able to compare sites, notes and progress. You can read more about it at My Quick Start Challenge Journey

Dean’s method was a new approach for me. Gradually, with his help and guidance and the interaction with my new forum friends, I re-emerged. I was able to rise from a struggling internet marketer to a confident and a successful online entrepreneur.

I continue dream big and aim for the sky while, patiently, I harvest the fruits of my labors one step at a time. And by the way, my name is Dita and I chose the name eBizDame for my site because I am an online business woman and I loved that name.



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