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A New Way To Make Residual Income Online

Recently, a marketer submitted a post to our Facebook group. It is a relatively new group and we are only in the early stages of forming relationships there. The post of the marketer was promotional and self serving, but most importantly the time was not right yet for such a post, as most of us do not even know him. The post was deleted by the administrator. The marketer submitted it again and again and finally, my mentor, the leader of this group responded. In the response my mentor included a video. No reprimand, just a video that shows a new way to make residual income online. I believe that the marketer got the message.

I watched the hour long video and I loved it. It was the Keynote Speech at Inc 500 Seminar 2011 given by Gary Vaynerchuk at the end of 2011.

Internet has changed dramatically in the last few years. So has the method of “selling” online. The hard sell no longer sells. In his speech (which at times was hilarious) Gary Vaynerchuck has made it brutally clear.

Anyone who is online trying to build residual income needs to watch the video. It is the way of the future. Without the knowledge that Gary shares, an online marketer does not stand a chance.



Wasn’t the video amazing? It really made me think. This, I will keep in my swipe file and re-watch it once in a while. I’d love to hear what you thought of this video. Make sure to leave a comment.


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