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Horse Blindness is Like Ad Blindness

Make Money Online With Waltzing Banners

To make money online is pretty challenging for most people. Internet marketers implement various methods to attract buyers, including banner ads, text ads, pop-ups and pop-unders, freebies and many other gimmicks to lure the visitor to spend a buck. Much of it does not work. Much of it is so over utilized  that visitors simply […]

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Free Wordpress Installation & Setup Service

Free WordPress Blog Installation And Setup Service

 eBizDame is pleased to offer Free WordPress Blog Installation and Setup Service. I or a member of my team will install and set up your WordPress blog free of charge.   In the last few years blog websites have become the most popular vehicles to establish one’s online presence. Small business owners, solo entrepreneurs or […]

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How To Edit Text Widgets

How To Edit Text Widgets Without Knowing HTML

Often internet marketers want to include various relevant information, including advertising banners into their widgets. Typically, text widgets are used. Unfortunately, the text widgets are not editable unless one is quite well versed in HTML. Today I will show you how to edit text widgets without knowing HTML and even how to upload images straight […]

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How to change admin username in wordpress to protect blog security

How To Change Admin Username In WordPress To Boost Blog Security

Most people don’t know how to change admin username in WordPress, especially since WP dashboard clearly states that the usernames cannot be changed. But, the admin user name has to be changed because the common usage of the “admin” as a username potentially poses a blog security risk. I have found an easy way, so […]

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Flexibility 3 Theme

How To Customize Flexibility 3 Theme Step By Step Tutorial

When people first start blogging, theme selection is the most time consuming initial effort for everyone. People are looking for a free, easy to set up theme that offers customizable options to create beautiful, professionally looking sites. Flexibility 3 is such a theme. It is a premium free theme that offers a multitude of options […]

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What Is cPanel

What Is cPanel – Why Hosting With cPanel Is Perfect For Newbies

cPanel – is the short term for control panel and in this article I’ll examine it from the perspective of a web hosting control panel. For most bloggers hosting with cPanel is a blessing in disguise as it provides a graphical interface and automation tools that are technically simple to use. As well, it simplifies […]

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Protect Website From Hacking

Protecting Your Website From Hackers – Blog Security

Is your blog secured from hackers? I bet you it is not. However, if it is congratulations, you represent a minority. Why is that? Well, many bloggers are inexperienced,  and they do not appreciate the importance of securing their blogs against hackers or they simply don’t know how to protect their websites from hackers. The […]

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Why Was My Squidoo Lens Locked

My Squidoo Lens Was Locked – Why?

This morning I am really frustrated. I published a Squidoo lens yesterday, shared it with my readers and Facebook friends, only to find a comment on FB this morning that my squidoo lens was locked. I was flabbergasted. I quickly checked my email to see the notification Squidoo sent me. I cringed when I saw […]

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Video Marketing Revolution

Easy Video Suite Revolutionizes Video Marketing

Something really cool is happening in the video marketing-sphere. My email box has been bursting at its seams with emails that ask me to watch an Easy Video Suite (EVS) video that promises to revolutionize video marketing. Of course, my first impression was to run.  But, when I noticed EVS was developed by the makers […]

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In Blog Content Avoid Common Grammar Mistakes

Goof – Proof Your Blog Content – Don’t Lose Income Because Of Grammar Mistakes

  Most of us, blog content writers, are at some point guilty of mistyping a word here and there. It is especially a problem when a spell-check editor does not catch it because the word we input represents a correct spelling of another word. This is embarrassing, especially if you don’t find the mistake while […]

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Create Blog Content That Captivates Your Audience

How To Create Captivating Blog Content [Infographic]

Content is one of the most important components of your website’s foundation.  It is the key element that will make or break your online success. The quality of your articles will determine whether your visitors linger and interact with your website or hurriedly leave, only never to return. For that reason you need to create […]

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